The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Deeper and deeper into the cornfields the trail led. Jason felt some concern that they might end up lost.

Drake, seeing his friend’s worried look replied, “Jason, it doesn’t matter how confusing this corn maze can get. We have smart phones, GPS dude.” He pulled out his phone from his pocket and selected the GPS app. “See, we just need to head due south to hit the road from here.”

Relieved a little, Jason renewed his concentration on the seed trail and as he rounded past a row of corn, he suddenly stopped. His flashlight beam shining on a pair of old shoes. Aiming the light upwards, he saw someone wearing torn, dirty clothes standing in front of him. Turning the beam of light toward the dumpy person’s face revealed a cloth-sack head with button eyes and a stitched mouth. It was a scarecrow.

“Aaaahhh!” The four friends cried out in surprise, nearly falling over as they jumped backward.

Walt was the first to laugh, then Jason and Drake. Fred turned an angry shade of red. “Why would they put something like this out here? It nearly scared me half to death!” Fred shouted, now very mad.

“Hello, this is a scarecrow. We are on a farm. It is supposed to be scary … to crows, birdbrain,” Walt answered between laughs.

Fred, still frustrated started to hit the scarecrow. “Stupid dummy, you’re not so scary!”

In response to the punishment, the scarecrow pushed Fred back, knocking the boy onto the ground. Fred looked at the creature more stunned then hurt. Then the animated scarecrow turned its head to look at the boys, its string mouth grimacing.

“Guys, that thing is moving on its own! We need to get out of here!” In response to Fred’s obvious comment, the four backed away. Grabbing Fred by the arm, Jason dragged him off the ground. Then they stumbled after Walt and Drake who were almost around the corner already. Jason gave the scarecrow one last glance and regretted it. The creature was walking a slow, lumbering stride, its rubber-gloved hands reaching out for them. A strange blue light could be seen where exposed bits of hay poked out. If this was someone in a costume, it was a really good one, Jason thought.

“Fred, run!” Jason shouted as they past several rows of cornstalks and nearly collided into Walt and Drake. His friends just stood there stunned as two more decrepit-looking scarecrows shambled toward them, blocking the way. Their movement was slow and stiff, as if the act of motion was new to them.