The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

Excerpt from One Dark Halloween Night

The road was very dark as the four friends rode their bikes down it. Drake the only one to have thought of owning a light for his bike was in the lead, his bike lamp’s narrow beam barely illuminated the way. Jason had taken his brother’s old bike since his was still back at the school, no thanks to Abe. It was beat up and the rear tire was nearly flat, but he had no trouble keeping up with his friends. Having brought tools for their night of investigation, each boy carried their hand-me-down smart phones to take pictures of clues. Fred wore a large backpack full of flashlights, a magnifying glass, and other assorted tools a detective might need including Walt’s firecrackers. He of course had lied to his dad about blowing up stuff.

Fred was next to Jason, his face flush with worry. “Wow, ghosts at Braddock cemetery, sounds scary.”

“Especially when they’re trying to make you one of them,” Jason replied.

Walt cut his bike in between the two and said, “Those ghosts you’re talking about, if they’re not like the see through glow people you see in movies, than they are probably just some kids pulling a fast one on you. Now what happened in the costume store, that was supernatural.”

“Hey Walt-fault, old man Herrick was pranking us in his store! You know, for someone who professes to be an expert at practical jokes you sure ran away pretty fast from an old guy wearing a rubber mask.” Not waiting for a reply, Jason sped up to get away from his bothersome friend.

“Come on. It can happen to the best of us,” Walt responded, flabbergasted.

Jason rode up next to Drake and asked, “Why Flayger’s Field, what do you think we’ll find?”

“Hey, I know! Creatures like carnivorous crows and corn on the cob killers.” Walt interrupted as he caught up with the two. He was like catching a cold, very bothersome and hard to get rid of.

“Whoa, slow down crazy guy, I know you are excited to be out this late at night, but us big boys are thinking here.” Drake knew just what to say to put down Walt’s over obnoxiousness.

“Whatever buzz kill, I’ll hang out with the dummy,” Walt sourly replied as he slowed his bike down so he could ride next to Fred, who promptly punched him on the shoulder for the dummy comment.

Drake then continued, “You want to know why something like this would happen at Flayger’s Field? Well, I did a little research with one of the books we got from the library and I found a possible answer.”

“Guys I know the stories!” Walt rudely interrupted from behind. “Farmer Flayger waters his fields with the blood of the kids he catches sneaking around his property so he could grow his blood corn!”

“Walt, you’re going to get a bloody face if you don’t stop it.” Jason threatened before speeding up.

Drake also accelerated and soon the two put a little distance between Walt and them. “You know he was partially correct about the blood. It was farmer Bryant Flayger, the victim’s great grandfather who was rumored to have performed blood sacrifice on his lands which led to bountiful crops. The book speculated that this was something spread by jealous famers, but there was a bunch of kids disappearing at that time.”

“So the land was cursed?” Jason guessed.

“Who knows, maybe Farmer Flayger’s death was a sacrifice to reestablish the curse.”

“Yeah, by the dead children in the corn, wooo scary,” Walt added, having peddled up from behind. He was unstoppable that night, excited at the prospect of possible mischief.