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Frankenstein Forever: A Halloween Review

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Here is the Halloween history of Frankenstein, but first let us start with a poem.


Frankenstein, Frankenstein, he’s our ghoul,

Anyone messing with him would be a fool.

He will crush your face, and rip your arm,

A bolt of lightning won’t do him any harm.

He is a soulless creature animated and undead,

With bolts in the neck and an elongated head.

He is the most famous of monsters that is all I can say,

Except what I have written for you today.

The image of Frankenstein is by far the most recognizable creature in the pantheon of monsters. Right up there with Mickey Mouse and Superman his iconic image is known worldwide.  Far cry from the animated corpse description that Mary Shelly wrote in her historic novel, his appearance when played by Boris Karloff in the old Universal Studios movie is the creature we all know and love. How this fine freakster ended up as a Halloween ghouly? It all comes down to licensing.  Universal Studios wanted to make more money off of franchise that had died in the mid forties licensed his freaky face to the Don Post Mask Company in 1948. All those budding monster kids snatched up those masks and soon Frankenstein was haunting Halloween. Later in the late seventies he showed up as paper decorations you could hang in your window. These decorations were produced both by Eureka and Dennison. Nowadays, he is everywhere and is still a popular costume, a true king of Halloween. He will rip your arm off.


……….Professor Grimmgraves..