The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Ghosts: The Haunters of Halloween

Halloween Ghost

A tale of ghosts and Halloween.


Floating through the air on Halloween night,

The sudden appearance of a ghost can be quite a fright.

Their wispy forms are hard to see,

Their ghastly moan may make you flee.

Spirits of the dead these specters are,

Haunting places near and far.

Don’t be afraid don’t be daunted,

Would you enter a house if it’s haunted?

On this special night the ghosts are here,

Prepare yourself for a great big scare!


Ghosts have been around for a long time, you could say ever since the first human being died. Dating as far back as Babylon and Ancient Egypt people have held practices that spirits were real and actually influenced the living. This belief has gone on in all cultures throughout history continuing to modern day. Ghost sightings, haunted houses, séances, all are things in real life that has come out of the idea of ghosts and continue to reinforce millions of people’s beliefs that they are real. Heck, the origin of Halloween is the idea that ghosts roam the world on that night and if you don’t use a lantern to ward them off or treats to bribe them, they may pay a visit to your home. Ghosts in fiction are some of the earliest tales written by man, becoming really popular during the Victorian age. Some of the most famous ghost stories ever include Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. The movies The Haunting (1963) and Ghostbusters (1984) are probably the most well known ghost films. Ghosts in fiction are the most used monsters ever; you could fill an encyclopedia with all the movies and stories out there.

In Halloween, ghosts have been there since the beginning, wearing a sheet over your head was the most popular costume during the early days of Halloween in America. Back then most kids had no money and stealing a bed sheet from their parents and cutting eye hole in it was the easiest thing to do. Since using a sheet was all you needed to make the costume, commercially made ones weren’t produced until much later. The first being a Ben Cooper Casper the Friendly Ghost costume made in 1963. Ghost paper decorations are some of the earliest, though they were not as common as witches, skeletons, and Jack-o’-lanterns, with most of them mimicking the sheet-like image. Now there are all types of decorations, but using a dummy with a sheet over it is still the most used and easiest decoration to pull off. Ghosts are a big deal on Halloween with many believing that they are real. It adds an extra level of excitement to that night, thinking there is something else to the holiday besides costumes and candy. Next Halloween try to spot a real ghost, I dare you.


……….Professor Grimmgraves..