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Goblin – The Halloween Rock Band

Goblin the Halloween Band

When it comes to cool creepy music, nobody does it like the band Goblin. This Italian progressive rock instrumental band from the 70’s are most famous for their horror scores for such classic movies as Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria. Their style was a great influence on John Carpenter when he wrote the theme for the movie Halloween, and has been copied by huge number of other horror film scores. Recently my colleague Dr. Eldon and I saw them in concert at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. The music was both energized and terrifying, stunning a sold out house with their powerful tunes. If you’re tired of the drab Halloween tones of Midnight Syndicate or will scream if you hear Monster Mash one more time. Do yourself a favor and check out the haunting tunes of Goblin.

……….Professor Grimmgraves..