The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Great Halloween Home Haunts of Los Angeles

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This October I have been wandering the city streets at night like a restless spirit looking for all things Halloween. Here are the very best that I have come across this year.

First up is MOURNING ROSE MANOR in Simi Valley, this is a great atmospheric front yard display of a cemetery, complete with moving ghosts and colorful lighting. As an added bonus there are at least two other neighbors that have good Halloween displays too.

Display 4 Maze N/A

Next up is HOLLYWOOD HAUNTER in Glendale. This display is amazing, a three story tall haunted mansion, with animatronics ghosts. It is so good it was even featured on TV. With Great lighting and spooky effects, along with neighbors joining in the yard haunting, this is one cool neighborhood to visit.

Display 5 Maze N/A

Next is THE BACKWOODS MAZE in Burbank. This one has it all, a cool front yard presentation, and an incredible maze. While not very scary, the maze has the production value equal to Universal Halloween Horror Nights. Its theme is a sci-fi horror, complete with giant cyborgs, with the quality of stuff in the back is so good; one wishes they had some of it in the front instead of a typical cemetery setting.

Display 4 Maze 5

Next, the legendary BONEY ISLAND in Sherman Oaks, hands down the most impressive home Halloween display out there. The place is an experience, like a skeleton carnival, featuring animatronics skeletons doing magic, and a water light show. Do yourself a favor and experience it yourself.

Display 5+ Maze N/A

VANOAKS CEMETERY in Van Nuys is a cemetery display that is a bit more low-key, but it is still very creepy and fun. Not quite at the level of the other ones I visited, but still worth seeing.

Display 3 Maze N/A

When it comes to scary mazes, SHERWOOD SCARE in Northridge is king. This year’s theme is a haunted movie studio, and boy is it haunted. Cool effects and lots of ghost frights, it’s worth it. My only complaint is the outdoor display; there isn’t much to it, just a gate facade and no real lighting.

Display 1 Maze 5

Last is the creepy haunt ROTTEN APPLE 907 in Burbank, with its theme this year is House of Fun. Now it’s a clever maze full of clowns and funhouse gags. Not quite at the level as the other mazes, but still very good. My only complaint was the line moves slowly and is very, very long, but at least they had the entertainment of zombies dancing to Thriller.

Display 2 Maze 4

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