The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 2) House of Knives


Brady, Archie, and Dan approached the first house on the left side of Blackbird Street, with their bags waiting to be filled with Halloween candy. The house was small and unassuming, with its plain white painted wood paneling. There was nothing creepy about the place. They rang the doorbell not knowing what to expect. The person who answered the door was almost a surprise to them, not some scary boogieman, but a small meek looking man with large round glasses. What shocked the kids was the treat he was handing out to them, knives. Brady pulled out the sharp looking dagger the man had dropped in his bag and looked at the guy confused.

“What? You don’t like that one? I have many more, come on in.” The knife man said as he smiled at them.

Brady bravely stepped into the house and gasped at what he saw, Knives adorned all the walls of the hallway. Noticing the boy’s shocked look, the knife man smiled broadly, “Quite a collection huh, in this neighborhood you need the protection. That’s why I am handing them out. Would you like me to demonstrate how to use it, on one of your friends maybe?”

The creepy man then grabbed Dan, who had followed Brady in. The knife man pulled a sword off the wall and was about to use it when Dan dropped his candy bag on the man’s foot. The knife man howled in pain as the knife that he had handed out to Dan had buried itself into his foot from inside the bag. Brady pulled his friend away and the two ran out of the house.

Outside, Dan said, “Darn I lost my bag.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll share.” Brady laughed in reply.

Archie then interrupted them, “Hey guys, that cheapskate only gave me a plastic knife.” Brady and Dan just ignored their friend and moved onto the next house.

….John Kohlbrenner……