The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 3) House of Scary Sweets


The next house on Brady, Archie, and Dan’s trick or treating tour of Blackbird Street was a small dumpy home that was painted dark brown. Its sole Halloween decoration was a jack-o-lantern with a large mouth. After ringing the doorbell, an old lady wearing an apron greeted them. Cackling, she reached into a large bowl she was holding and took out some candy. All three boys gasped at the sight of what she held, hard candy shaped like little monsters. Brightly colored vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, and mummies, each the size of the old lady’s hand. But what caused the boys’ shocked reaction was that they were all moving! Arms and legs flailing about, the candy squirmed in the lady’s hand.

“Are they alive?” Brady almost whispered.

The old lady laughed in response as she nodded her head yes and tossed a few into Brady’s bag.

Feeling the little monsters tugging at his bag, Brady dropped it in surprise. A crunching sound of the monster candy breaking was heard as the bag hit the ground, and it was the old lady’s turn to gasp. Suddenly growling came from the lady’s candy bowl and out peeked dozens of candy monsters. The candy monsters were angry.

“Those things look like they are going to eat us!” Dan cried out.

Brady grabbed his bag and the three ran off toward the next house.

Stopping to catch their breath in front of the next home, Brady glanced in his bag. “Those monsters the lady gave me are in pieces but they’re still moving.” Brady pulled one out and quickly swallowed it. “Hey this tastes pretty good, and I can feel it moving around in my stomach. Want one Archie?”

“No Way!” Archie replied.

….John Kohlbrenner……