The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 4) House of Haunted Treats


The third house on Blackbird Street that Brady, Archie, and Dan arrived at actually looked spooky. Old and abandoned the three story house appeared to have no one at home. Undaunted, Brady went up to the door and cried out, “trick r treat!”

To the boys’ surprise the front door opened, but the darkened entry way stood empty. The three boys turned to each other and shrugged when suddenly a large metal bowl rose up in front of them.

Eyes wide, Brady looked around the bowl and saw that nothing was holding it up, not even strings. When he looked inside the bowl, he groaned, “There’s nothing in there but cobwebs and old rotten apples.”

“I don’t get out much, being dead and all,” a haunting voice replied.

Somehow the boys’ eyes widened even more. Now they noticed a shape standing in the doorway and they could see right through it.

Dan gasped out, “Ah, next time my mom goes grocery shopping, I’ll tell her to stop by.”

“Thanks!” said the ghost as he watched the backs of the fleeing boys.


As the three stood out in the middle of the street catching their breaths, Archie complained. “Brady you said this street would be full of candy, I have nothing to show for it so far except for a stupid plastic knife.”

Brady, giving his friend a big creepy smile said, “Don’t worry, we still have a few houses left. I will not leave here until we get some candy!”

Scared, Archie and Dan looked at their friend, worried that they might end up as ghosts before the night was done.

….John Kohlbrenner……