The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 5) House of the Cauldron


Brady, Archie, and Dan stood before the next house on Blackbird Street debating whether to treat there. The place was a dump, a little bit bigger than a shack, made up with wooden boards and a small metal chimney. The only decorations were stick figures strung up along the place. Wanting to hit all the house on the street, Brady strolled forward without even waiting for his friends. As he reached the front door, small old ugly lady dressed in a ragged skirt stood in the doorway. Cackling, she waved at him to come in. Determined to get some candy, Brady entered the house. Inside, he saw that the place comprised of only one large room and sitting prominently in the middle of it was a huge boiling cauldron. Pointing to it, the old lady then handed Brady a large wooden spoon. Approaching the cauldron, he could see what looked like bubbling chocolate pudding inside. Reaching in with the spoon, Brady scooped some of the chocolate goo up and tasted it.

It was the best pudding he had ever had!

The old lady went into another cackling fit, and then said, “now that you have tasted my pudding, the pudding wants to taste you!”

Suddenly a giant mouth formed on the top of the pudding and rose up toward Brady, chocolate fangs bared at him. In response the boy swung his spoon at the mouth, splashing pudding left and right.

“You are wasting my pudding you nasty boy!” The witch cried out.

In response, Brady threw the spoon at the old lady and ran out the door. He stopped running when he reached his two friends that waited out in front of the house.

“What happened in there?” Dan asked.

“I had the best pudding of my life,” Brady replied.

“Awe man I want some pudding,” Archie complained.

“It was almost the last pudding in my life, the treat had teeth.”

Dan and Archie where ready to move onto the next house.

….John Kohlbrenner……