The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 6) House of the Bloodless


The next house that Brady, Archie, and Dan approached in their Halloween quest for candy looked almost like a very small castle. It had a round stone tower in the front with battlements up top. Rubber bats hung from the top bouncing up in down, mist rose up from the ground, and the sound of a wolf howl filled the air.

“This ought to be good, they actually made an effort to decorate the place.” Brady commented.

As they reached the front door at the base of the tower, it open and out stepped a pale man dressed in a suite and cap with red lining.

“Ah, my treats have arrived.” The man said with a thick foreign accent.

The three boys just looked at him confused.

“Is this not Halloween, when children come to my door, to offer up their blood to me?”

Trying to sound tough, Dan answered, “Buddy I think you have it backwards, you’re supposed to give us candy so that we won’t trash your place. You know, trick or treat.”

“Kids, they are so hard to deal with these days. How about if I give each of you some candy, may I then have a bite of each of you in return?” The pale man said smiling, revealing long fangs.

Brady shook his head no as he backed away, with his friends. Before he turned to run, he blurted out, “sorry, my mom said to never feed strangers!”

Cursing in an ancient language, the pale man turned into a puff of smoke. The rubber bats weren’t really rubber and chased the kids until they got out onto the street.

After watching the bats return to the castle, Archie confronted Brady, “Why’d we run away? I would gladly have given some blood for candy. I donate my blood all the time, just to get the free cookie and OJ.”

“In a blood bank you don’t leave the place as one of the undead!” Brady fired back.

“Oh.” Archie whispered, looking quite pale.

….John Kohlbrenner……