The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: 8) House of the Jack-o-lantern


Brady, Archie, and Dan stood before the last house on the street. Brady tried to motivate his friends, promising that after the frustrating, freaky night they had experienced, this last home was sure to have the mother lode of candy. This last house they stood before was unremarkable except for the giant carved jack-o-lantern that sat out in front. It was easily the size of a small car, with an evil leering face and sickly blue flame burning from inside.

As the boys approached the front door to the house, the pumpkin spoke with a deep voice, “You three are very brave to be on this street. Fearlessly in search of candy I presume.

“Candy?” Archie said looking excited.

Oh lots of candy, see…

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise coming from the house and the front door burst open. Piles and piles of candy poured out, just about every sweet imaginable.

The boys shouted out with joy and began scooping up the candy.

Now my friends I see that you are enjoying your rewards for your bravery. How would you like to have Halloween never end?” The pumpkin named Hallowone asked.

“Yeah!” All three boys shouted out together, already starting to eat the candy.

Well now, there is a place, a Halloween planet, where every day is Halloween, and I need brave souls to enjoy it. Come now and step inside.” The jack-o-lantern opened his mouth wide and inside a gateway opened to his world. The boys didn’t even hesitate. Scooping up as much candy as they could carry they entered the jack-o-lantern’s mouth and passed through the gateway.

Once the kids were gone, Hallowone mused to himself. Soon he would have streets like this all over the world so he could find other brave souls to come back to his world to become warriors. In a world of fear, bravery was the greatest weapon. He had learned that from a boy named Jason and he would not be defenseless. Then he would have many Happy Halloweens…

The End

….John Kohlbrenner……