The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Cure for the Sane

Halloween Half-Pagers A Cure for the Sane

Blake View Asylum was starting to become popular after recently receiving a number of famous guests; including the pumpkin killer, teeth, monster inside-me, the scarecrow, and Jake, who would stare at blank monitor screens all day. The place had become a hotel for creepy insane killers. Dr. Ravenclaw thought all this madness was tied into Halloween, and that they were all forecasting some horrible event that was going to happen on the next All Hallow’s Eve.

Nurse Finster would always laugh at that thought, and would tell the orderlies that the doctor was becoming as crazy as his patients, believing in all that mumbo jumbo. But once the doctor started group sessions with the most infamous of the asylum’s crazies, strange chanting would be heard, sounding like a prayer to some dark god called Hallowone.

Full of fear, Nurse Finster eventually confronted the doctor over his unorthodox behavior. Dr. Ravenclaw grinned back at her insanely and said, “My patients are not mentally ill, they just see the truth. They have pierced the veil between this world and others and have viewed the horrors awaiting us. Those of us on the outside are the insane ones, and as my dad always says, if you see the truth, act on it!”

Nurse Finster didn’t live much longer…

….John Kohlbrenner……