The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Mad Answer to an Insane Problem

Halloween Half-Pagers A Mad Answer to an Insane

Hallowone was angry with them. After performing the ritual to end the world, it looked like they were going to succeed. Dr. Ravenclaw’s Psychotic Six at first reviled in the destruction caused by those monsters from underneath the earth. Monster inside Me, was overjoyed to finally see his monsters. The dark spell they had cast somehow protected them from the creatures as they made their way out of the mountains. Now Dr. Ravenclaw listened to his master’s voice through a strange device that consisted of a plastic pumpkin and a skull mask.

“They are upsetting my call!” Hallowone growled through the mask. “Disrupting the harmonics I am sending through the haunted zones. If the human Gravesmore is not stopped, my creatures will go back under the ground!”

Dr. Ravenclaw didn’t fully understand what his master was saying but he did understand what to do. He was aware of the haunted places and knew exactly where this Gravesmore would be. Gathering his mad companions, he smiled at them and said, “Everyone, we are off to an amusement park.”

The laughter that answered him was insane and he joined in.

….John Kohlbrenner……