The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Most Haunted Monster

Halloween Half-Pagers A Most Haunted Monster

Brenzabub was a horrible monster, big and green, totally mean. He loved to bite people’s heads off and drink their blood. He terrorized the countryside and gave the kingdom of Drantz a bad reputation. So one day the local villagers raised some money and hired a knight to slay the beastie. With quick use of his magic sword the knight defeated the horrible monster and Brenzabub lay dead on the ground.

Rising up from his mangled body, Brenzabub’s spirit stirred, angry at his terrible death. Now a ghost, invisible to all, he roamed the land looking for victims. He would reach out at everyone with his terrible ghost claws to tear the people apart, but to Brenzabub’s great frustration they passed through his intended victims. Howling with rage, the humans wouldn’t even hear him. The monster trembled in frustration, not even his roar could cause people to shudder. He realized he was in for a terrible existence. Better to have experienced oblivion then this. To be a monster’s ghost that no one could see was more horrible then he had been to others.

….John Kohlbrenner……