The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Most Haunted Situation

Halloween Half-Pagers A Most Haunted Situation

Traffic was terrible but the hearse was supernaturally powered so they were able to ghost through it. Around them were all types of monsters, large ones, small ones, and they were attacking the fleeing people. The bloodbath was not a pleasant sight and even Valdmar looked pale. Eventually the professor’s group arrived at the hungry house with the monsters trailing behind them. This was now the third haunted house they had been to. The first one had been nice with its endless New Year’s Eve party. Professor Gravesmore actually felt bad for the ghosts as the cursed items overloaded and burned out of the house. He was happy to destroy the second one, it had tried to make them all ghosts. The hungry house he had heard was a truly deadly place, known for eating its visitors. Hopefully its hunger would be satisfied by the monsters.

Each quickly grabbed an object and followed the Professor in; with Valdmar holding the rocking chair, Zamora the animated toys, Mr. Bones the small statues, and somehow Ghostman carried the TV. The house was already shuddering from all the energy. Outside the monsters sensed them inside and started to attack the house. The house then let out a great howl of pain and a large mouth opened in the hallway that ran through the house. Suddenly the cursed TV switched on and the Devil appeared on the screen beaming straight from the underworld.

“My former master,” Zamora the witch gasped.

The Devil then said, “I’m being overloaded with souls. This must stop! Zamora my once favorite, you must succeed. Outside is certain death, the house’s mouth is overloaded with energy, it is now a portal to your next destination. Use it!”

Outside was certain death, but inside was possible death. Talk about a deadly dilemma, the Professor thought. He then made a decision.

….John Kohlbrenner……