The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Wintry Wish

Halloween Half-Pagers A Wintry Wish

It was a very cold winter in the town of Sunderland, the snow was as high as a one-story building, and the wind blew with near hurricane force. It felt like nature was trying to freeze and bury the town, wipe it off the map. Hank would grumble all day that life was having revenge on him, he was in charge of shoveling the streets and of course the heater had broken in his truck. Back and forth he would drive down the streets in a never ending battle with snow. But it all felt futile to him because even a half hour later the road would have over an inch of new snow. Hank was so miserable he felt he would even sell his soul just to get rid of all this snow and cold.

Hank almost crashed the snowplow when a red-faced man suddenly appeared in the seat next to him.

“You’re the devil, what are you doing here!” Hank gasped.

“That’s right, I heard you wanted to offer your soul in exchange for warming things up, and I’m good at making things warm.” The dark lord replied.

“Anything to get rid of this weather,”

“Done” the Devil said as he pulled out a contract. Hank quickly signed it and almost immediately, he felt the warmth, a whole lot of it. The clouds broke up, the wind stopped and the snow melted. All those mounds and mounds of snow suddenly turned into water and a  ten foot tidal wave came at the truck.

Hank screamed and the devil said, “I’ll be seeing you soon Hank.”

….John Kohlbrenner……