The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Bad Timing

Halloween Half-pagers Bad Timing

I can’t stop running; it’s still after me. Why did I rob that house on Halloween? It seemed like such a great idea, dressing like a clown on the one night everyone was in costume and going on a one night crime spree. That one house was so big, a mansion, and even though it was old and decrepit, almost haunted looking, there had to be money there. But the old guy, the house’s owner, why did he resist me? It happened so fast, my shooting him. I had lost control of the situation and now there was blood on my hands, and on that damned pumpkin decoration he had by the front door. The large plastic grinning Jack-O-Lantern moved like an attack dog. Could it be animated by the spirit of its vengeful owner? Now I run and with each backwards glance I see it’s still behind me. I have to get away and escape from this thing. However, to my horror I can see it is not alone. Each glowing Jack-O-Lantern that I pass this night I can see they are all watching me, helping that vengeful pumpkin. Informers in a pursuit for my death, why did I pick Halloween night!

…..John Kohlbrenner……

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  • fleamailman
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    (“…nice indeed…” smiled the goblin liking it immensely in the way caught the mood so well, then adding “…looknig forward to what’s next then…”)