The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Cautious Companion

Halloween Half-pagers Cautious Companion

David Binder always thought he was a cautious miner; he had a sense when tunnels were unstable or when air turned deadly. But with caution came narrow mindedness and he only thought of himself when it came to safety. It was the night, October 31st and he was a little short on money, so he put in a late shift to earn some extra green. Assigned to tunnel 13 he found he was alone in the tunnel due to the superstition of his fellow miners. Laughing at his fellow miners’ foolishness, he started hacking away at a stone wall with his pickaxe, and was surprised when a large chunk of rock fell in front of him revealing a small cave opening. Through the hole, David could see a skeleton’s bones. So curious; he entered the cave and inspected the skeleton. It was still dressed in the rags of an outfit worn by miners a hundred years ago. As he approached the departed miner, the cave ceiling began to crumble. Turning to flee, he heard a ragged voice call out, “Don’t leave me!”Ignoring the cry for help, David stepped toward the exit and felt something grab his leg. Looking down he saw the skeleton moving toward him, its boney hand holding his ankle. Then it pulled David down onto the cave floor and crawled on top of him. The last thing he heard as the ceiling collapsed was, “Company at last…”

….John Kohlbrenner……