The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Cthulhu still Calling

Halloween Half-Pagers Cthulhu still Calling

When the end of the world happened, it started with a massive headache. My brain pounded with images of a great octopus- headed creature deep in the ocean residing inside a huge crypt in the middle of an alien city talking in its sleep. What the monster said, I had no idea, just some weird chant over and over. Then at 5am east coast time, Cthulhu opened its eyes and my mind exploded in pain. Half the world went insane and the rest had a massive hangover. As countries went rampant with chaos, news outlets started reporting a massive creature approaching the California coast. On the TV I saw the monster of my visions, massive and slimy green, it strolled through the US military’s attempt to stop it as if they were not even there.

As the monstrosity moved across the continent more and more people lost their minds, the army and air force used all their weapons against it to no affect. Then when Cthulhu reached the east coast, it stopped at a small town called Dunwich, the place where I lived. Hiding in the woods nearby, I watched Cthulhu start its chant again while standing before a hill full of mysterious stones that everyone thought was haunted. It wasn’t long before it was answered. The sky tore open and nightmares poured out, Cthulhu, high priest of the Great Old Ones had called Yog-Sothoth to open the way and now the elder gods were here. Why  was I there and knew what was happening? I remembered that my mom always claimed that we were descendants of the horror fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft. This all made sense as I giggled madly. He wasn’t a fiction writer and I was his witness to prove his stories were true. When the world went dark the headaches finally ended.

….John Kohlbrenner……