The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: That Darn Book


I told the police officer Iā€™d never seen the book before and had no I idea why there was blood on it. The book itself was a large ugly looking tome, with its dirt brown cover inlaid with metallic lettering for its title Libellus Autem Lycanthrope. The book was a thousand pages written in some strange language I had no clue how to read. The book first appeared in my apartment one day sitting on a shelf. This freaked me out because I lived alone. After a quick glance at it, I ignored the book until a day later when I found a dead body in my place. Next to the corpse was the blood covered book. The police took the body and the book, and after a week, I was back in my apartment. The next day the book was also back in the house again. Really, really freaked out now, I picked up the book and slammed it down on the ground when I felt some pain holding it. Then I saw that my hand was bleeding. Shocked, I looked down at the tome and saw that there was sharp teeth sticking out of the pages and the cover was now covered with fur. This was all too much for me, not only did I flee my apartment, I left the state.

Now a month later, I was in for another terrible surprise. There was a full moon and I felt myself changing, writing suddenly appeared on my arms and I felt very bookish. I knew then that I had survived an attack from a were-book and I was soon to become one myself with the full moon.

….John Kohlbrenner……