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Halloween Half-Pagers: Dracula Bites Back

Halloween Half-Pagers Dracula Bites Back

Dracula was tired of it all.  Because of the books and movies, everyone knew who he was. Just like Elvis, he had the impersonators and groupies. Fame did not suit him well. A vampire needed his privacy; to stalk victims, to feed on them. What he had now was awe and caution. Now when hunting humans, first they would be excited to see him, the myth in the flesh. This excitement would soon end when they realized his intentions and use defenses to stop him. Crosses, holy water, silver, it was those damn movies, they made everyone an expert on vampires. Dracula being near immortal and proud did not want to stoop to a craven level and feast on animals or stealing from blood banks. No, he would use his ancient brain to out think the humans, use what they did to him to his advantage. He would prey upon tourists! He secretly set an advertising scheme, “Visit Castle Dracula, experience the excitement of Transylvania, and for a pint of your blood you can have dinner with The Count himself!” The humans loved it and he was soon booked up five years in advance. But the other undead thought he had sold out, becoming the caricature that the movies portrayed him as. Dracula’s response was always, “Good luck not being famous and try getting blood from well informed victims…” The others soon went hungry.

….John Kohlbrenner……