The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Earth out of Time

Halloween Half-Pagers Earth out of Time

I, Nirziizz a Yithian of the ninth degree report the final success and the failure of our people. The mental transference to the Colepterous race in the far future has been a success. The beetle- like bodies, while not as versatile as our previous ancient forms, do retain the mental capacity to suit us well. We have escaped the plague of our predators those polyporous fiends from below, but now we face a new dilemma. Earth has been destroyed.

Our forward casters had chosen wrongly, the safety of the future on this planet is no more. I had argued that we should have transferred our minds to the far purple planet in the distant Ulxxvyee Galaxy, with its worm like inhabitance. The council disagreed, fearful of the overextending of our mental energy. Now it is too late for us! Our most ancient and feared prophecies have come to pass. The Great Old Ones; nightmare spawned interdimensional cancer, have found their way into this reality and are now pillaging all existence. This once green verdant planet is now dead, I told them to pick the purple one.

….John Kohlbrenner……