The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Every Day was Halloween

Halloween Half-Pagers Every Day was Halloween

Halloween was happening more and more often this year. It would always start with the kids showing up. Dressed as monsters with their faces masked, they would demand candy with their shout of “tick-r-treat!” If you didn’t have any candy they would  vandalize your house acting like the monsters they were dressed as. Everyone was soon stocked up with candy worried when the next Halloween would begin. It was just easier to appease these kids. Then things got worse, the children started asking why there was no decorations. When a homeowner would scoff at that, saying it wasn’t really Halloween the children would attack them. People began to disappear leaving only blood behind before the neighbors realized they’d better have decorations. What really struck me as strange about the children was you never saw their faces or even parents accompanying them. Were they even human? Now the holiday was every day. The neighborhood looked like a great big haunted house. I was worried because my candy reserve was running low and all the stores had run out. I had a feeling I would soon see the faces behind the masks and I would not like it.

….John Kohlbrenner……