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Halloween Half-Pagers: An Explosive Ending?

Halloween Half-Pagers An Explosive Ending

Often at night I would look up at the sky and enjoy the light show. It was like the fourth of July up there. Each night a dozen stars would explode one at a time in explosions so big one could see it millions of light years away. At first there were more stars out there then I could count, but now the sky was running out. I didn’t know what was causing the destruction though I had a feeling that that the human race would soon find out.

Then one bright day the sun exploded, boy was that spectacular. Everything became very bright and in place of the sun was a massive cloud of bright comets trailing dust. It was truly awe inspiring. To have seen such a sight was almost too hard to conceive. When the darkness set in, I waited for the answer to what was causing this massive destruction to the universe, but as things became colder and colder fear set in. Whatever was destroying the sun wasn’t coming to earth. We as a mere planet was too insignificant for its attention. I felt outrage then, having witnessed the incredible and we were going to die with no answers as to why. After awhile it became too cold for me to care. The only thing I wanted was the warmth of the sun.

….John Kohlbrenner……