The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Final Countdown

Halloween Half-Pagers Final Countdown

The ticking of the clock on my desk felt like a hammer pounding on my skull. I could feel the weight of my situation as I sat there, thinking how my time was nearly up. It was a countdown to my doom, and with my mind scrambling, I couldn’t find an answer. You see, the vault my office was in had a time lock and something horrible was waiting outside. My line of work had to deal with huge sums of money. The owner of the company did not trust anyone on their own, hence the locking of the vault. I didn’t know if the timing of my work shift was a blessing or a curse, but the end of the world happened outside. Even through the thick vault door, I could hear the screams. On my computer I viewed the destruction of civilization by monsters coming up from the ground tearing through humankind like counterfeit money in a shredder. Now I was one of the last, protected by a vault that was about to open. If only I could stop time.

Then strangely instead of time stopping, the power did instead. Those creatures must have destroyed the city’s power plant. Now the vault would not open and I was saved from a quick horrible death. Instead I would slowly suffocate. Time to look at the clock again, it was battery powered and glowed.

….John Kohlbrenner……