The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Frankenstein is in a Sharing Mood

Halloween Half-Pagers Frankenstein is in a Sharing Mood

Saying the amusement park was ghostly was an understatement. Frankenstein and his friends had followed Professor Gravesmore and his companions through the mouth-like portal, and now they were standing in the most haunted place in the world, Haunted Hollows Amusement Park. The Professor grinned in awe at all the ghosts and ghost rides, to him this was better than Disney World. There were no monsters from underneath around, the ghost fence that surrounded the park seemed to stop them. Signaling his companions to activate their mystic items, the Professor already felt a faint tremble in the park. It was working! Mr. Bones held up his strange statue, it had changed. Now it had an insane expression on its face. Suddenly a crazed maniac rushed out of nowhere and knocked it out of his bony hand. The maniac then stomped on it gleefully as he clicked his teeth. The statue shattered into tiny pieces. Another man, looking like a scarecrow rushed forward with an axe and chopped at the cursed rocking chair held by Valdmar the vampire. It cried out in pain as it split in two. Four more maniacs came out of the ghost crowd, but Frankenstein and his friends were ready and tore through the humans like paper. Only one of the maniacs remained standing, he just stared at Frankenstein in awe.

Monster inside Me then said, “I’m your biggest fan.”

“Not anymore.” Frankenstein replied, as he ripped the madman apart, thus ending the Psychotic Six.

Professor Gravesmore looked around in shock as half of his mystic items were destroyed, and the ghost park was still standing, which meant the monsters were still out there. The professor began to sob because the world would soon be dead.

Suddenly Zamora the witch cried out, “It’s my master, on the TV again.”

Looking infernally evil, the Devil stared out at them from the TV, and said, “I know you have lost this world, how does getting a little revenge on the being behind this sound. Hallowone has been an annoyance to me for a long time. I think he needs a monster invasion of his own.”

The mouth portal then opened revealing a dark gray haunted world beyond, Frankenstein, The Professor, and the others looked at each other.

“What do you think?” The Professor said as tears ran down his face.

Frankenstein thought for a second also feeling quite sad by the loss of his world and then replied, “I think it’s time to share the pain.”

The End

….John Kohlbrenner……