The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Fright for Food

Halloween Half-Pagers Fright for Food

Davy was a werewolf, long snouted, large black claws, hairy, the whole shebang. He liked being a werewolf, especially the howling at the moon bit. Davy really dug how he would creep out people with the sound. While he enjoyed scaring people, he never ate anyone because he was a monster, not a MONSTER. He would feel the urge, humans were a werewolf’s normal diet, but no he just hunted small dogs for a quick snack. His human life was very mundane, so he always looked forward to a full moon and get out of his skin and enter a different life of animal excitement.

Then one night while chasing some campers in the thick of the woods, something happened. He was just having a little fun scaring the crap out of them, when, as he raced into a clearing, a silver net fell on top of him. Then the campers turned around and smiled at him, with a wicked look in their eyes as they pulled out silver knives. Davy felt hopeless as he remembered his mama werewolf’s old saying, “One should not play with their food because it might lose its fear and bite back.”

….John Kohlbrenner……