The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Good Times in the Haunted Castle

Halloween Half-Pagers Good Times in the Haunted Castle

I liked wandering through the haunted castle. To climb the stone steps to the highest tower and look out at the blasted lands surrounding the castle. To descend to the deepest crypts and enter dark natural caverns that led deep into the earth. The castle was a playground to me: with its large cobweb filled halls, a massive throne room crowded with pillars that stretch up into the blackness above. Most of all I liked the dining room, which held a very large oblong table where I often sat with my friends.

They consisted of all types, from ghosts to ghouls, vampires and witches. A whole gang of creatures would hang out for a meal. We would sit at the web filled table having a feast too horrible to describe. They were such great friends, telling tales of the victims they had slain and towns they had terrorized. Oh how we laughed. It was good times in the haunted castle, but with time passing things change, now the castle is in ruins, and my friends long slain. I still wonder what is left of the castle, and all I see is loss.

….John Kohlbrenner……