The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Haunted Help

Halloween Half-Pagers Haunted Help

It was a very old house, the Brenton Manor, dark, gothic-like, a creepy place hidden in a forlorn woods. Three stories tall and full of dark gable windows, the place just shouted “Haunted House!”

Jane wandered up to the property confused at how she had gotten there. On the way to the mall, she made a wrong turn and then another one. Having wound up in the countryside Jane ended up with a flat tire. Then instead of sticking to the road she  drove on down a dirt path that led deep into the woods. Now she stood in front of the house shivering, hoping the owners were home. For her sake, she had better be wrong.

After knocking and not getting a response, Jane tried the door and found it unlocked. She entered the house and saw that it was empty, abandoned, and very dirty. Evening was setting in so Jane decided to stay inside, not wanting to walk through the woods. She was afraid of wild animals out there. Ignoring the whispering voices and the thumps she could hear above her, Jane just sat on the floor looking at her phone. It was dead of course, she had forgotten to charge it. Eventually the evil spirits in the house became  angry for being ignored, so they used all their energy to manifest into a form of a large imposing dark man. The spirit then stumbled toward Jane, who looked up at it and said, “Finally, someone here to help me change my tire.”

….John Kohlbrenner……