The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Haunted Space

Halloween Half-Pagers Haunted Space

I had never been abducted by space aliens before, but what happened was not like anything I would have imagined. I didn’t wake up on some operating table with grey aliens looking down at me. Instead I awoke in a large empty dirty grey metal room that was full of cobwebs. Were there spiders in space? Searching the room, I found some sort of sliding door and was able to pry it open. Beyond the room was more grey metal corridors and rooms, all looking old and abandoned except for the skeletons. They were all made up of strange shapes and none looked human.

I now felt like I was in a haunted house instead of a space ship. There was nothing but death in there and this really set me on edge. I continued to explore the ship and eventually I came to the bridge. The room was full of elaborate control panels that flashed and blinked. The walls had large monitor screens showing star fields, so I was definitely out in space. What really drew my eyes was the main screen which continuously played a strange message. A hideously deformed green face that looked panicked, spoke in a strange dialect that I had no way of understanding. Behind the alien other strange creatures ran around afraid. Suddenly something invisible started to violently toss the aliens around. The video then ended when the alien that was speaking was tossed backwards. Behind it was a ghostly image that had caused the violence. It was me.

….John Kohlbrenner……