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Halloween Half-Pagers: A Haunting New Year

Halloween Half-Pagers A Haunting New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, Davis couldn’t wait to celebrate the occasion. Faddy, that good friend of his was throwing a special party at a very exiting location. They were reigning in 2015 at an actual haunted house! Davis was beside himself with excitement and he couldn’t wait see an actually ghosts, or would he be stuck in some grimy old place getting drunk. Whatever, he thought; it was something new to try. When the night came, Davis was impressed by the house, it was a large old Gothic-like place that would definitely work as a haunted house in any old horror movie. Inside, the party was in full swing and Davis was impressed by the large amount of classy guests, Faddy really pulled it off. Men were dressed in tuxes, and woman in old conservative dress, all fitting look of the place. Though wandering around he couldn’t find anyone he knew, including Faddy, but Davis didn’t care, his friends were always late comers and there were plenty of drinks, so he got drunk. As he stumbled around, the party goers ignored him, too wrapped up in their little conversation, and the dancing going on was a little old school for his tastes, so instead he searched for the ghosts. Finding none, he felt a little frustrated and came to the conclusion that there really wasn’t anything spooky about the place, just a very old time looking crowd. Then as the clock struck midnight, the people cheered, shouting, “Happy New Year! Happy 1915!” Looks like he had found his ghosts…

….John Kohlbrenner……

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    Nice half-pager. I like the story, we never really know who may be “the ghost”, until later… sometimes.
    i began writing on the Halloween forum many years ago, then finally quit because of other people who were supposed to be adding their page to a continuing story would swoop in and kill my characters i had worked so hard to make as real as possible! Why?
    I began writing again on The Halloween forum recently and enjoy taking my stories anywhere my mind happens to be wandering at that moment! hahahah!