The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Hopper the One Legged Zombie

Halloween Half-Pagers Hopper the One Legged Zombie

Hopper the One Lagged Zombie had a tough life or you could say a tough unlife. Having only one leg, Hopper had to learn to balance on it because the other leg was rotted, and bounce after his intended victims. Being a zombie he naturally moved slowly, but moving with only one leg made him so slow he almost never caught dinner. The few he had eaten had just stood there, stunned at the sight of a one legged zombie hopping around. Hopper thus was always hungry, moaning for the wonderful taste of human flesh. The other zombies would ignore him and they would laugh at him if they could.

Then one day he came across a human camp that was protected by a series of trip wires rigged with explosives. Now a normal zombie would have stumbled through it, blowing itself up along the way, but Hopper didn’t have that problem. Bouncing on his one leg, he leaped past each wire so the sleeping humans in the camp never saw him coming. He ate well that night, as his fellow zombies blew themselves up, drawn by the smell of blood from Hopper’s feast. Hopper tried to laugh, but zombies don’t laugh.

….John Kohlbrenner……