The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Monster in a Bad Mood

Halloween Half-Pagers Monster in a Bad Mood

“Put-put-put,” went the little gremlin making funny little noises as it sat in the corner, and trying to be as annoying as possible. I just continued to ignore it. Spitting blood and narrowly missing me, the bald ancient vampire smiled showing his bloody teeth. I didn’t pay attention to him either, but when the small red imp jumped onto my lap, and poked me with its sharp claws, it got my attention. Angry, I turned away from the TV, how I hated having my favorite show interrupted. Real Man-eaters of Transylvania was addicting and I did not like missing it. Showing my displeasure, I picked up the imp and threw it out the window. Then I stomped over to the gremlin and kicked it down the hallway. With grandpa vamp I tossed some holy water in his face. He did not like that.

Now I was in a real bad mood, I had missed the ending of the episode so I needed to let off some steam. Leaving my haunted castle, I went over to the nearest village and did some terrorizing. After a couple horrible deaths and a dozen smashed houses, I went home feeling better. Maybe I should be on Real Man-eaters of Transylvania. I do eat people, and looking at that annoying gremlin, I thought, I eat monsters too.

….John Kohlbrenner……