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Halloween Half-Pagers: Movie Motivation

Halloween Half-Pagers Movie Motivation

David had seen the movie twenty times already even though it had been out in the theaters for only three weeks. He told all his friends that the film spoke to him like nothing before in his life. It felt as if the movie was showing some part of his life he never knew. The pure joy it brought him, like a cross between meeting a long lost brother and finding the love of your life. David became obsessed with it, infatuated by it, he had already memorized every second of the movie. It spoke answers to him and filled him with a secret thrill.

David now knew what to do with his life, the film had guided him to his full potential and he would use it as a blueprint for his future. In a dull shiftless life that he had lived he now had direction. He figured with one more viewing of Bloody Camp Massacre Part V he would be able to start his new life. “Let the blood flow…”

….John Kohlbrenner……