The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Mr. Bones Comes to Town

Halloween Half-Pagers Mr. Bones Comes to Town

Comprised of nothing but bleached white bones, David had some trouble getting up. He had been lost in the desert and was dead for several months. He recalled lying down in the sand, dying of thirst one moment, and awake the next, but felt nothing. As he looked down at himself, strangely he felt no shock at seeing that he was nothing but bones and somehow these bones had remained assembled and could move. Accepting his strange fate, David walked off through the desert looking for civilization. With no sense of tiredness, he reached a town on his seventh day of continuous wandering. Unsurprisingly, at the sight of a walking skeleton, the town’s people fled in fear. This David also accepted, he was a living skeleton after all.

As he wandered further, he soon reached a large city. People followed him, no longer afraid, but more in awe. News reporters filmed him, and the police held back the crowds. Even though he was now a monster, he had not harmed anyone. Soon the reporters found courage and approached him. Asking David questions, he discovered that he could still speak. Clacking his jaws he said, “I’ve come back, I don’t want to die forgotten.” But when a reporter asked him his name, David couldn’t remember, he had lost not only his flesh, but his brains too. So he replied, “You can call me Mr. Bones. Now point me to the nearest cemetery, I need some rest.”

….John Kohlbrenner……