The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Mummy Troubles

Halloween Half-Pagers Mummy Troubles

Ultha Rama Topec, better known as The Mummy, was sick of hanging around the museum. Cursed never to die, wrapped in rotting bandages, and bound to his sarcophagus, he burned with hatred for the latest round of adventures that bound him. Several times he awoke throughout the ages, to search for his reincarnated love, a way to reverse his curse, or have revenge on the descendants of those who had trapped him. But every time there were new heroes who would defeat him like clockwork. Fate was always against him, his original crime, forbidden love.

Then one day, he was released again. Mobile, he quickly looked around for some hero to leap out at him, but the museum was empty. Right away he felt the urge for revenge, or was it lost love? Fighting against it, he had an epiphany. If he went down that road again he would be trapped like all the other times. Instead he had a better idea. He would contact all the experts on ancient Egypt and reveal his memories. With the money he was sure to make, he could hire someone else to find his love, reverse his curse, and have revenge on his enemies. Let them deal with those pesky heroes.

….John Kohlbrenner……