The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Must Halloween End?


It was the morning after Halloween night, Jacob looked at the litter of candy wrappers on the sidewalk in front of his house and felt sadness that the night was over. Reluctantly, he looked at his yard and all the decorations he would have to take down. The sheet ghosts he had hanging from a tree, the styrofoam tombstones, the plastic skeletons climbing out of the ground, the colored lights to light the scene, and all the rubber bats. It wasn’t the work of cleaning up that he dreaded, it was the emptiness of his yard. The thrill Jacob felt having his own brightly colored haunted house, to scare kids, and reward them for their bravery by giving out candy. It made his dull life exciting and now he would have to wait another year for that thrill. Then suddenly he made a decision, he would leave the decorations up!

Every night he turned on the lights that lit his haunted display, and played the spooky sound effects. If anyone came to his door he would first try to scare them dressed as a ghoul and then give them candy. After a week of this, his neighbors looked at him worried. Jacob’s kids thought it was cool at first, but after two months they were crying as they left with their mom, who had said he had lost it. After half a year his Halloween display was in shambles, ruined by the weather and still he acted like it was Halloween. Then by the time it was Hollow’s Eve again his home was such a mess it truly looked like a haunted house, and he had wasted away so much that didn’t need makeup to appear as a ghoul. Sadly, lost in his insanity he never realized that no one even came to his shunned house on Halloween night.

….John Kohlbrenner……