The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Nightmare in the City

Halloween Half-Pagers Nightmare in the City

It was on May 5th when something strange happened across town in Los Angles. Everything changed north of 3rd street and the rest of the city was in shock. It started with a strange fog that covered a section of the city. After a day, the fog dissipated and the horror of what happened shocked everyone. In place of the buildings were insane deformed caricatures of them made of molting flesh that pulsated and quivered, clearly alive. The trees became strange creatures, their branches now tentacles. Worst of all were the people. They became metallic things, their bodies like abstract sculptures. These metal nightmares moved around on wheel-like feet, and were terrors to see. Right away soldiers went in to assess the situation, but they soon came back completely insane. What they had seen had destroyed their minds. A day later, the city started to expand, as a fog-like wall flowed out of it and whatever it passed through changed.

Now the fog was rapidly expanding eastward, transforming the land into nightmares. With a guilty conscious, the government revealed that they had done a secret experiment in that section of Los Angeles. Scientists had opened a portal to another dimension and the earth was being sucked into it. They said they were trying to discover a new form of energy, to power all humankind’s demand. There wouldn’t be much demand now. This was all small comfort to me as I fled across the sea with those horrors at my back. I just hoped that the Pacific Ocean was enough.

….John Kohlbrenner……