The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The One Minute Rule

Halloween Half-Pagers The One Minute Rule

Before Jake emailed me the link to the website he had described to me, he told me about the one minute rule. How one shouldn’t stay too long on the site or it would be too late. Too late for what he wouldn’t say. After getting off the phone with him, it didn’t take long to receive the email with the link. The site was called “Dare to Fear”, and the link was a silly playoff of it, Snickering, I clicked on it expecting a joke, what appeared on the screen was blackness with a zeroed out counter in the bottom corner and a “click here” pop up bubble pointing to it. Still skeptical; I clicked on the counter, which then started counting and I almost screamed. Images flashed on the screen, horrible things; monstrosities, deaths, perversions. It was a whole cornucopia of nightmares. My body started shaking, my brain felt like it was melting, what I thought was a joke turned into the most intense experience of my life. The website was daring me to reach the minute mark, but what I wondered was, what if I went beyond?

The counter had reached fifty seconds and the images were even more extreme, a high pitched whine which had quietly started with the images had now reached a defining level. My mouse arrow was hovering over the counter, and I was about to click it when a dark thought occurred to me. What was beyond the minute, what horrors could be left to see; I would see what was beyond! Resisting any urge to stop, I blew past the minute mark and the images changed. They all melded into one scene, a close up of my face. I was sporting a very insane smile with a terrifyingly evil look in my eyes, and that was when I realized I was just seeing my reflection on the monitor screen, the website was blank.

Now when I close my eyes I see those images. Soon I will reenact some of them, try them out on others…

….John Kohlbrenner……