The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Power of the Penny

Halloween Half-Pagers The Power of the Penny

When I finally got the chance to interview Professor Gravemoore, I was immediately struck by his eccentricities. He dressed like a tramp, constantly fidgeting like an insane paranoid. We met at the French restaurant La Bestial, a very elegant place that clashed with Gravemoore’s frumpiness. Reaching the two person table at the same time, I was about to take a seat when Gravemoore stopped me.
“David, right? Before you sit down there are things I need to tell you.”
I nodded my head in acknowledgement and then waited.
“I know what they say about me, that I am strange, or a kook. I am going to show you that they are wrong. In my studies I have uncovered a hidden world full of hideous creatures that should not see the light of day. My discovery has made these monsters aware that I know of them and now they are constantly pursuing me. So it is time that I warn the world, starting with your newspaper.” I glanced around the restaurant for any signs of anything sinister, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I moved my chair out and was about to sit on it when the professor stopped me again.
“Just a minute David, I know they are here. Fortunately there is a very cheap method of combating these creatures.” Pulling out of his coat pocket, Gravemoore produced an old penny. He then casually tossed it onto my seat, and I nearly lost my mind. Where there was nothing but empty air, a large grayish creature sat on top of my chair howling in pain. Then it was gone with a loud popping noise. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us now, Gravemoore was smiling.
“Copper destroys them, now do you want to take a seat?”
I didn’t…
….John Kohlbrenner……