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Halloween Half-Pagers: Runner’s Nightmare

Halloween Half-Pagers Runner’s Nightmare

I liked to run a lot. You could say running was my favorite hobby. I would run to work, run to the store, and on my days off, run in the park. I often ran in marathons, and was a high school track star. I had built up such stamina that I could run for miles each day at a good clip. When the monster outbreak happened, I was really put to task. There isn’t any feeling quite like running for your life. Pursued by unbelievable horrors that could kill you in seconds, I didn’t even think of catching my breath. Everywhere I ran there were those creatures, so with no place to hide, I kept on moving. Now after five days of near continuous running I came to a realization that I really hated running. I was devastated at the thought that these creatures had ruined something I loved. Knowing this I knew my life would soon be over, at least I would walk to my death.

….John Kohlbrenner……