The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Secret Sentinel

Halloween Half-Pagers Secret Sentinel

Standing in the snow I watched the house, people would pass me by not taking much notice of me. I felt no cold and could not move, frozen in an unassuming shape. I wore an old top hat, and had pieces of coal for buttons, my eyes mouth were made of stones, and my nose a carrot. I had no legs, but had sticks for hands, and of course I was almost completely made of snow. How I became aware, I did not now, trapped in an unfeeling body, and forced to look at that house across the street, a house that filled me up with burning hatred because he was in there! The man had done me wrong, committing a crime he smugly thought he could get away from it. But the man was a fool, first by performing the act of hate, and how he hid the fact. For soon the weather would heat up and Iā€™d melt, revealing my skeleton hidden within the snow.

….John Kohlbrenner……