The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: A Series of Screams

Halloween Half-Pagers A Series of Screams

Karen wouldn’t stop screaming. Her cries filled the room like a blaring siren, but the monsters ignored it. In fact, they almost seemed encouraged by her fear. The creatures slowly approached her menacingly, three large hairless humanoids. Grey-brown skinned, with long limbs and even longer claws. Silently they approached her, ready to feast on their human victim. Just before the end Karen’s screaming stopped, so shocked that she just froze with her mouth open.

Behind the three creatures, a huge hand reached through the open doorway. It was covered in scales and had pointed nails the size of irons. It quickly grabbed up the three creatures, and all three screamed out as they were yanked out the door. Karen then heard a great chomping sound outside.

Eventually Karen’s fear passed, it had been an hour since the giant hand had taken those monsters. Cautiously she stepped out of her house and was shocked to find a gigantic mountain-like creature licking its fingers as it sat out on the street. Then the giant monster noticed Karen, and to her surprise it screamed a loud bellowing cry of terror at the sight of her. It stomped away as fast as a living mountain could move. Then Karen thought, “I must have played the mouse to the monster’s elephant.”

….John Kohlbrenner……