The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Skiing the Mountains of Madness

Halloween Half-Pagers Skiing the Mountains of Madness

I was always into extreme sports, but when Billy invited me to go skiing in Antarctica, I thought he was out of his mind. The trip instead ended up being out of this world. He had booked it with Miskatonic Travel Group and before we knew it, we arrived in Antarctica during the summer season. Taking a helicopter, we left the ice breaker and flew south. Then after an hour of flying over endless white snow plains, we saw the mountains. They were huge! Biggest mountains I had ever seen and my mouth watered at the thought of skiing down them. As we came closer, we noticed weird structures built into the mountains. Towers and cave openings covered the upper parts and I looked at my friend mystified, but he just shrugged. Finally, we reached a particularly sinister looking mountain which Billy had told me would be pure madness to go down.

Leaping out of the helicopter wearing our skis, we slid down the incline of the mountain. All around us those strange ancient towers looked alien up close. Then as we approached the creepy cave openings, skiing past them I couldn’t help feeling that we were being watched. Spying a large one ahead of us, a nightmare suddenly erupted from it. It was huge, black and shapeless, full of tentacles, green eyes and gaping mouths. As we raced by it, the monstrosity reached out and grabbed at us with one of its black tentacles. It let out a horrid cry as we passed, avoiding its grasp. Then things really got weird. All around us the mountain began to flux and change, becoming landscapes of various worlds. Nightmarish places full of hideous monster gods and inhuman creatures. Eventually we made it down and were back in Antarctica.

My buddy looked at me insanely and said, “I told you that mountain was pure madness!”

I madly agreed with him. Soon our next trip was to be an asylum.

….John Kohlbrenner……