The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: Strange and Stranger

Halloween Half-Pagers Strange and Stranger

The sky was green and the land was purple as I trekked across the red ocean. I saw many whales out there but they all refused to say hello. Instead, they spouted crimson water into my face, and I soon had the taste of liquorish in my mouth. It wasn’t too bad except for the cherry aftertaste. By the time I reached home, the sun was already settling and I felt very tired. After eating my way through the front door I tumbled into my bed, and was promptly shoved off of it. My bed was not very friendly tonight, just like the whales. The fur covered bed sheet crumpled up into a mean sneer and started pouting at me about how late I was and that it was well past my bedtime. Instead of responding, I kicked the bed and jumped back onto it.

It was a little annoying squishing the bed into compliance, but eventually I got some sleep. There, wandering around dreamland, begging for rest, a kind soul eventually slid me some sleep. I was very thankful and even dreamed about my patron. She was so friendly and even invited me to dinner in the dream. Unfortunately, it was liquorish soup so I woke up screaming. Really angry now at being disturbed the bed ate me. Shocked, I woke up in the real world of blue skies and green grass. Feeling mystified by the strange dream of a weird world, I got my gun and shot my bed. I will never sleep comfortably again.

….John Kohlbrenner……