The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Eater and the Eaten

Halloween Half-Pagers The Eater and the Eaten

Mendel the monster was always hungry. No matter how many villagers he ate, his stomach would cry out for more. He was large, fat, and purple, with three eyes and a very wide mouth. Never having any trouble terrifying the villagers, he would freeze them with so much fear, that he could scoop them up and swallow them in one bite. Now this went on for some time and soon there were no villagers left. Moving further into the Dark Forest that he lived in, Mendel came across another village and proceeded to feast on them too. Soon there were no humans left in the Dark Forest, and Mendel had grown into a humongous and obese monster. So large that he towered over the forest, and so heavy that he could barely move. This was just perfect for the city dwellers of Langdon. They loved monster meat and were too lazy to hunt. Mendel became an easy target, and the city people had food to last years. Now they just need to find Mendel’s children and some suckers to start building villages in the Dark Forest again.

….John Kohlbrenner……