The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Phantom Plays Monster Mash

Halloween Half-Pagers The Phantom Plays Monster Mash

The monsters came in waves. Swarms of horrible looking creatures, with one goal, the complete destruction of life. To Frankenstein and his friends, they were more upset that their get together had been interrupted then they were of their impending demise. The Wolfman went full wolf and tore into the creatures. Sam shed the last of his human skin and attacked with his reptilian creature claws. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy used their inhuman strength against the monsters. While the Phantom, now only a ghost played a battle hymn on his organ. Together they were pure destruction against the monsters from underneath, though Frankenstein knew the endless waves of monsters would eventually overwhelm them. He began to feel sorry that his friends would soon be destroyed. Being immortal, he would live on and eventually kill every last one of these creatures.

The room then began to shake and Frankenstein tensed ready for a new type of monster attack. Then a huge mouth opened out of one of the stone walls and from it spewed a human, a vampire, a witch, a ghost, and a skeleton. They were all holding mundane objects, a TV, toys, a little statue, and a rocking chair? They were definitely supernatural, but not one of those attacking creatures.

Frankenstein was the first to speak, saying, “I would appreciate your help, but your choice of weapons is strange.”

The Professor smiled amazed that he was now in the company of some truly legendary monsters. “These items are what’s going to save this world. Now please show me the way to the haunted opera house.”

They all looked at the phantom’s ghostly visage. He shrugged.

….John Kohlbrenner……