The Ultimate Halloween Adventure

Halloween Half-Pagers: The Question of Monster

Halloween Half-Pagers The Question of Monster

As I looked around my surroundings I would ask myself if there are monsters around. Whether walking in the woods surrounded by trees, or going down a dark grimy alleyway in the middle of the city, I’d wonder if some horrible nightmare was around the corner or hidden in the brush. Why did I always have monsters on my mind? I figured it started with my bedroom as a child, where I would see dark horrible things moving in my closet and under my bed. Waiting for me, to take me away, and devour my body. Though sometimes I would see things in the distance I had yet to find my monsters. A hidden urge prepared me for them and as time went on it became more a obsession. I had to finally see my monsters, I knew that they existed.

Then one day I found the answer in a most unlikely place, my bathroom mirror. I looked at my reflection, and saw that I was covered with someone else’s’ blood. I had found the monsters, they were in me!

….John Kohlbrenner……