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Halloween Half-Pagers: The Rain Keeps Coming Down

Halloween Half-Pagers The Rain Keeps Coming Down

The rain had started falling on Monday, it was now Friday and it still hadn’t stopped. Water levels around town had risen fifteen feet and panic was widespread because help wasn’t coming, it was raining everywhere. Not a single spot on earth was dry, at least according to the newscaster on TV. Luckily I lived in an apartment on the sixth floor and the power hadn’t gone out yet. Also, I was a hoarder, so I had plenty of food. I would sit in my one room apartment all day ether looking out the window or watching the news. It was surreal what was going on and people felt it was the end of the world, biblical floods with aircraft carriers as arks. I didn’t think much of anything, I just watched the water rise and ate my potato chips.

A week later, the rain was still coming down and the water level was almost up to my window. Power was gone along with most of the town, drowned. I still I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything. I just watched the rain with a sick fascination. As the water inched closer and closer to my window, I could almost feel it calling to me, enticing me. Then I felt a need to get wet, that the water would be comforting.

A little while later, the water level was now above my apartment, I sat there underwater still staring out my window. Drowned I looked out and wondered if there would be anything left of me when the water went away.

….John Kohlbrenner……